Our Mission

To Make A Positive Difference in People’s Lives

BWS Investments

A Baker Wealth Strategies Affiliated Company

The symbolism behind the company’s logo is significant. For centuries the sword and shield were used to build and protect; lands, fortunes and empires. Baker Wealth Strategies, as its logo suggests, serves as a Shield and defender against forces working to take from you what you have earned. In the other hand, is the Sword of BWS Investments acting to advance your financial interests.

Today, you are in command. Our Sword and Shield are at your service.



Risk Tolerance

Know yourself. Investing comes with inherent risk. The answers are important, but more important is asking the right questions.

Optimization Strategies

Strategies to optimize your 401k, investments, and portfolio

Investment Action

Knowledge without action is a wasted resource. Taking action is paramount for successful investors.